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lundi 5 juillet 2010

Play to win or Play not to lose?

Playing to Win behaviors

Go as far as you can, using all your resources► Feed your
opportunities – Starve your problems► Lead – get out in front. Take
calculated risks► See change as an opportunity for growth► High
learning focus – willing to try things out to see what is possible►
View risk as a normal part of life/business and intelligently manage
the risks with solid analysis and support systems► Take risks for the
purposes of improving things. Take time to debrief, capture and widely
share the lessons/mistakes► Help others to learn and grow► Enroll
others in becoming continuous improvement leaders► Accept criticism as
a normal part of trying to improve conditions► Try, learn, try again,
learn, etc.► View substance as more important than form or looks►
Always ask: « What if » and « I wonder … positive possibilities »►
Rallying cry: « if it isn’t broke, improve it! »

Playing not to lose

Focus on not losing what you have, and maintaining status quo Don’t
rock the boat – risk aversive. Focus on the fear/negative – what could
happen► View changes and challenges as problems► Avoid uncomfortable
situations, confrontations and emotions. Don’t tell the whole truth –
just enough so that it looks like you’re telling the truth► Avoid any
mistakes or failures at all costs, including don’t try things if you
might fail or look bad (hide them if they do occur)► Overly concerned
with « looking good » and being in control. Self protection/promotion►
Focus on analysis vs. Action. Waiting until you have the « perfect »
plan► Highly political or highly critical. Being accountable means
fixing blame► Don’t take time to reflect and learn from experiences
and results – focus on short term► Most all « task » focused and very
little process or people or customer focused► Criticize others who
want to change. Attack vs. Debate. Cynical vs. Skeptical► Focus on
your area doign better than others in the company – internal
competition► Continuous maintaining vs. Continuous improvement. Don’t
rock the boat► Don’t try anything where others may criticize you.
Manage vs. Lead► Compete with instead of collaborate with teammates
and other areas for resources► Stay in your comfort zone!► Rallying
cry: « if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it! »